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    Personal finance made simple

    CashBase is personal finance software for people who hate personal finance software.

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  • She had to go to the canny-tarium so everybody else in the fambly wouldn't catch what she had.
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  • The first warning he'll get is when I start the airlock cycling.
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  • Now that her mind was made up, she was all but overwhelmed by a need to hurry, to get this last chore done before Tak turned its attention back to her. I am capable of speaking in many different languages, he added.
  • Biron said abruptly, I'd like to ask you a question.

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    Track Expenses

    See where your money goes, get
    an insight on your spending habits.

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    He had mastered himself to all outside appearance by the time he went down into the jolly boat as she heaved on the inky black water, and he gave the command to shove of in a quiet steady voice. Whatever he did, Riker said as he stepped aside and allowed two of Vale's security officers to take the stunned Satarran agent into custody, it doesn't look as though he did a good job of it.


    Create budgets and stick to them
    — a great way to save!


    Cashflow projections let you
    plan 12 months ahead.

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    He wants a certain woman this time, the one with the long black hair.

  • He'd gotten this post, it was said, because he was a friend of the Vice President.
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    Mobile Apps

    Adding expenses on the go
    is a breeze. Analyze them later.