Most of it's less than one-point-five meters deep, he said.

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  • If it had been a loyal thing, a true comrade, the vampire would have rushed past the dwarf to save Histra, but as one of Rufo's two remaining vampiric minions, Baccio of Carradoon looked upon the powerful young priest and his flaring holy symbol and knew fear.
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  • Tahquil-Rohain's hand groped for the tilhal of jade-carved hypericum leaves that hung beside the vial at her neck.
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  • Just open the door within himself and let it in, let it in, as simple as that, just let it in.

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  • How many men and women, Butler wondered, had been trapped into trouble and even crime out of a sense of loyalty?

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    She could see nothing, yet she knew and Jean knew that she knew he was there.

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