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  • Then it struck him and left him chilled to the marrow. Slipping on his dinner jacket, Glendenning grabbed his walking sticks and hobbled to the stairs.

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  • Goddamn it, Beeley shouted, it was good enough for my father!
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  • She was bound to find out sooner or later, and the sooner she did the sooner she could start shoring up her defenses.

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  • I can't think of the last time I sat around chatting with Amberdrake and Gesten just because I enjoy their company, when I spirited you off for a wild storm ride, or just flew off somewhere to lie senseless in the sun for a while! Tears spiked her lashes, making her eyes look even larger.
  • At 4.15 the airliner was on take-off, and soon speeding southwards bound for Milan. Jonan called out for the women and they both returned to the living room.

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  • So some of that pressure is going to be relieved real soon. If you truly want to be one of us, to resist Alyons and the coursers and to free us all from the Sidhe. you have to listen for us.
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