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  • Personal finance made simple

    CashBase is personal finance software for people who hate personal finance software.

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  • Ross bought this image but how could she make Travis buy it? His instinct could not possibly mislead him in this respect.
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    Track Expenses

    See where your money goes, get
    an insight on your spending habits.


    Create budgets and stick to them
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  • Cashflow projections let you
    plan 12 months ahead.

    He started doing demolition work and now it's all he does. At the farther side of the great room there rose a dais with broad lazuli steps leading up to it, and on that dais there stood a massive chair with ornate arms and a high back which once doubtless supported a cloth-of-gold canopy.

    On top of all the other deeper and more terrible problems that it caused, it was also a damned awk- ward thing to carry.

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  • In every LSD trip, two things were important: the first was the set or state of mind of the person; the sec ond was the setting, where the person was at the time of the trip.

    Mobile Apps

    Adding expenses on the go
    is a breeze. Analyze them later.